Why your hair isn't growing

10 Reasons Why Your Hair isn’t Growing

Let’s talk about REASONS WHY YOUR HAIR ISN’T GROWING . One of my most often asked hair questions other than HOW TO BEGIN YOUR NATURAL HAIR JOURNEY is How to improve hair growth and growing natural hair longer. But before we get into that, let’s address this important problem , WHY YOUR HAIR ISN’T GROWING. You see, am a firm believer in addressing causes of a problem before tackling it’s effects and finding solutions. Realistically, your hair never actually stops growing unless you have a medical condition or traction alopecia,Your hair grows everyday and the reason you do not notice growth is based on external factors ( what actually happens to the new growth you have) and not necessarily as a result of your hair not growing.

Why your hair isn't growing


Look at it this way, If you have relaxed your hair for twenty years , basically you are touching up new growth or ”undergrowth” as we like to call it here in Nigeria, meaning your hair grows enough to need touch ups every single month, Is it not logical that you should have twenty years worth of hair? Why has your hair never gotten past shoulder length EVER in twenty years?  This same example applies to natural hair if not more! Your problem is not lack of growth but something else! YOUR HAIR IS SHEDDING AND BREAKING OFF!!! If you are having problem growing your hair or getting past a certain length, this post is for you! Knowing reasons why its happening will help you prevent future occurrence. Shall we begin?

10 Reasons Why your Hair isn’t growing!

1, Use of wrong combs and detangling tools: This is hands down one of the most used natural hair practices ever. Using the wrong tools for your hair leads to serious breakage.

Why your hair isn't growing

With every tug and pull, your hair suffers and comes off. I have a dedicated post to the basic detangling and hair care tools to use on natural hair. See post: 

HairTalk: My Natural Haircare Tools 101

 2, Excessive use of heat and hot tools: While there are ways you can safely straighten or apply heat to your natural hair, it is always advised to proceed with caution and not overdo it . Excessive heat can dry out your hair by pulling moisture from your hair.

Why your hair isn't growing

Why your hair isn't growing
Hot Iron Lmao!!!

Because African hair is usually tightly curled and dense, it doesn’t allow for adequate distribution of sebum through the hair shaft, so your hair needs extra moisture to stay healthy. Heat takes away from that and you can equally suffer heat damage. Reducing the use of heat and of course using heat protectant before use will be most beneficial.

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3, Over manipulation and excessive combing: Styling your hair a lot can lead to breakage. I am guilty of this. I can’t seem to keep my hand out of my hair for long. A lot of people are obsessed with smooth and sleek styles, often forcing the hair into one style or the other, combing and brushing too much and too frequently. That is bad practice!

Why your hair isn't growing

Our hair is fragile , it needs love and care not stress! You shouldn’t be causing a lot of tension and friction on your ,overtime the hair becomes weaker more and more, until one day it snaps…and there goes your hair!

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4. Lack of moisture: Lets face it, our hair needs moisture to survive.  How do you prevent metal from rust? You oil it. You lubricate it. Same goes for our hair. You need to moisturize it so it wont dry out and break off.

Why your hair isn't growing

Washing your hair too frequently and with harmful products that strips hair of its natural oils should be eliminated. Gear yourself with the most suitable conditioners, oils and butters etc for your hair. Here’s all you need to know about Conditioners, leave-in conditioners and deep conditioners.

5. Split Ends: Split ends occur when your hair gets dry resulting in the hair shaft splitting in two or more then traveling all the way to the root if not trimmed or checked. This is when trimming your hair comes in handy .

Why your hair isn't growing

I trim my hair once or twice a year and I believe trimming your hair should be according to one’s preference but then again I might be wrong. You tell me!

6.Harsh chemicals: There are chemicals or solutions contained in hair products that are too harmful to the hair. For example; Sulfates, petrolatum, parabens, mineral oil etc.

Why your hair isn’t growing

These chemicals are not the most ideal for natural hair. while some strips the hair of its natural oils and others can clog pores, leaving residues that contribute to suffocate the strands , thereby leading to retarded growth.

7, Stress: We all know that mental health is crucial to our overall well-being. When we are stressed our body suffers and it starts to show outwardly.

Why your hair is't growing

Our skin takes on a dull colour, we breakout, we feel sickly and we experience hair loss. Consider that your hair loss might be as a result of your mental state, lack of sleep and rest. If you address that , you will experience noticeable change.

8, Unhealthy lifestyle: This can be the food we eat , unhealthy habits we have, etc. You see , your hair thrives best when your body and mind is in good condition.

Why your hair is't growing
Smoking Kills

Good nutrition promotes hair growth. Intake of vegetables , fruits, proteins, basically proper diet leads to an improved hair and body condition. You reap what you sow in this case. Avoid things that doesn’t promote your well being and overall health and you my friend are on your way to longer and healthier hair!


9. Medical condition: Unfortunately, there are things that can be beyond our control. Your hair might not be growing as it should as a result of your medical state and condition. A lot of things happen to the body when it’s unwell. You might experience hair loss as a side effects to drugs or symptom of a particular ailment. if that is the case , your hair should be able to bounce back once you have that crisis behind you and if you are reading this and you are in that state, do not worry your pretty self, you will be alright in no time!

10. Dehydration: How do you feel when you are thirsty? Exactly! That’s how your hair feels too. Our hair LOVES water. Like Plant , What you water grows! Am not just talking about external use of water, am talking about YOU drinking a lot of water for your skin and hair wellness. Water is life they say. If you are dehydrated, your hair will be. It dry out, grow stiff and break off just like this tree might,

Why your hair isn't growing

Hopefully, you take charge and avoid this unfortunate incident.

Now you know Reasons Why your Hair isn’t Growing per ser , I hope you learn from these and discontinue these unhealthy hair practices, so you can unlock its magic filled growth potential within.

Why your hair isn't growing

Did I leave anything out? You tell me! Sharing is caring, I leave you with love and light.     

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