VISUAL AESTHETICS: The most fascinating person I’ve ever photographed.

Meet Okee, a distant relative of mine and the most fascinating person I’ve ever photographed.  It was  a few days after new year . He came to the house unannounced, without knocking or anything of the sort, just opened the Gate and came straight to the backyard. We exchanged pleasantries, next thing he had already climbed the steps leading to the kitchen and we were chatting away beginning with why NEPA has sworn never to give Abatete light. He is a funny man and I found myself laughing throughout the conversation. He stayed for a long time patiently waiting for my Mom to return all the while chatting with different members of the family. He dozed off for a while, woke up and chatted some more. As he made to leave, I offered to take his photograph , he agreed thinking I was joking. I showed him the first few and he said,

“oh amakwa m na o n’ese. Ngwanu bia side a”( i didn’t know you were photographing , alright come this way).

Soon we were shaking with laughter .


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