Visual Aesthetics and Self-Portrait

The artists’ inner world is a very important category of the imagined space. It is in these special retreats that their imagination finds the will, the urge and the freedom to fly through time and spaces, all unleashes the inspiration which they need in the process of creation. Apart from the inner space which is very important, there are outer spaces too. This outer space is basically the world we live in, the market place, the place of worship, house, the river etc. They are the things that make up our reality and any slightest shift or change of the cosmos alters our perception of the world and consequently our identity causing us to unlearn all that we’ve learned and question our beliefs and ideologies.
This resilience of the people to survive in the face of political and economic harshness of our environment has led to an increase in crime and corruption. When people are being slammed against the wall, they put up a fight. It can bring out the best in people and other times the very worst. Personally, my journey to self rediscovery started first with an awakening, then to an examination of my complexities, dynamics and polarities as an African female living in this hard condition. My experiences has informed me to live my life first as a HUMAN BEING before all else, an AFRICAN-NIGERIAN-IGBO FEMALE in Nigeria. Untamed, honest and free and never letting my voice be tamed… Contd. – CHIDALU.

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