Urban Hustle

The other day I was out taking pictures of things that catches my fancy. Then came along this stylish motorcyclist. He offered to help me take a picture of myself while I politely declined for
no other reason that the fact that I was being cautious. I meant no offense but he was on a bike and I just couldn’t hand over my phone to him, hence, why I declined.
But there was something about him that caught my eye. He was owning his space. I offered to take his picture instead and he agreed. He was very patient while I was trying to workout angles to capture from. All the while sitting grandly on his gleaming Okada, matching denim jacket and shorts, white cap and shoes, calmly posing and waiting for me to finish. Eventually, I got  a good shot after I had taken my Jackie Chan / squat pose with my butt almost touching the ground. I thanked him, he nodded once, smiled, and drove off at high-speed… It was a good day after all… – CHIDALU.

2 thoughts on “Urban Hustle

  1. I love how short and sweet your posts are and how they center around you and your environment! And the name is of this blog is epic as well! You have a very unique eye in terms of photography, love it! Xx

    Ps: I don’t have a site running up yet but find me under soul_love_88 for now ??

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