Natural hair style

Natural Hair Style of the Week: My Simple Twisted Updo .

Sometime ago, I had a series on my Instagram page where I shared pictorials on how I achieved different hairstyles on my natural hair, products I used etc. A lot of people loved it at the time . Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue with it.  Lately, I have got requests to bring it back. Generally sharing styling tips, products, Inspirations, how to and what not, e.g see post.  Hence the introduction of the Natural hair style of the week feature.  I am going to try really hard to make this a steady and consistent feature here on the blog. So if you are in a Natural hairstyle rut, be sure to check back here for more hair style-spiration coming your way.

Natural hair style

What you need for this style

  • A rat-tail comb for parting
  • Elastic bands to section off your parts
  • A soft bristle brush for your edges
  • Bobby pins
  • A fancy hair accessory.
  • Hair Gel (optional)

How To:

First, section off your front part, try to get the parting as neat as possible. Obviously I didn’t , I was too impatient so please don’t be like me . Once you’ve done so, section it off and  do so with the two remaining parts. After that ,start with the  section at the back/nape area.Brush the sides with the soft bristle brush, secure it firmly with an elastic band, making it into a low bun.

Natural hair style

Move on to the middle section . Brush it into place and secure into a pony. separate the pony into two then, Make two loose twists out of them. Loop the two ends together and tuck them into the low bun you made earlier and secure with a bobby pin/s.

Natural hair style Onto the front/bangs. For this style , I separated my hair into two equal parts and made two big loose twists out of them . I further twisted the two twists together by looping them together like I did in the previous step, then pinned and tucked the ends , securing with three bobby pins. You can apply your hair gel to  smooth it down and keep your hair in place or tie it down loosely with a scarf for a more sculpted and smooth hairstyle.

Natural hair style

This is a perfect protective style , ideal for all occasions and events. Would you rock this hairstyle? I’d love to hear your thoughts as always and watch out for upcoming styles from this feature . I leave you with love and light.

Ka odi!


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