How to begin your natural hair Journey

How To Begin Your Natural Hair Journey

Hello and welcome! Hope you’ve been well? Today I will be talking about one of my most frequently asked questions; How do I go natural? , How do I begin my natural hair Journey?  Okay! What are we waiting for? I mean that’s why we are here right?Lets get right into it.

There are two ways you can go natural, oh and I rather think that the more appropriate expression to use is ” return natural” but ah never mind! I was saying that there are two methods you can use which are ” the big chop” and ” transition” method.

The Big Chop.

Big chopping basically means cutting off your hair, your relaxed , texlaxed and chemically processed hair and allowing the new unprocessed natural texture to grow out. Now this is usually a drastic change for a lot of people and for others not so much like my good friend Adenike below who constantly makes me want to cut my hair with her edgy and fierce close shaven hairstyles.


However, If you are having a hard time or uncomfortable with letting go of your hair , this next method is for you .

Transition .

When I made the decision to go natural, I didn’t want to let go of my beautiful, black and thick shoulder length relaxed hair just yet, So I decided to transition. I stopped chemically processing my hair and allowed the new unprocessed hair grow out while trimming the ends a little bit at a time till my natural hair grew long enough that I was comfortable with, then I trimmed off the remaining straight and processed part . This took me a year , You can go longer or shorter however you want it and I have been completely natural ever since.

Now, you might be wondering what method is best for you and I’d say go with what you are most comfortable with. Although realistically , the big chop is the easiest of both methods in my opinion seeing that you are starting out with very short hair that is easier to work with and manipulate.

You start small and work your way up and by the time you’ve hit your one year mark I believe you would have become better acquainted with your hair to know what it likes and what it doesn’t ,

so that when you are faced with longer hair it doesn’t become too much for you .

When transitioning on the other hand, You are immediately faced with two very different or multiple hair textures , coily, kinky ,curly , straight and everything between. Therefore, you might find it a bit harder to manipulate your hair .You will experience a lot more shedding and of course You almost never wear your hair out because lets face it you can’t be walking around with curly roots and straight/raggedy ends. It’s just not sexy! Hence the need to style, manipulate your hair a lot which can be detrimental to your hair. (I will talk about all that in another post )

I was always wearing my hair in twist outs, braid outs, whatever form that involves curling the straight ends to blend with the natural part which looks great by the way but can be a lot of work sometimes .

The good thing about transitioning is that it gives you mastery of your hair. Haven been able to manage different textures, when you finally go completely natural, it is basically easier for you know the hard part is done with. Detangling your hair becomes a breeze, you are able to glide your fingers through it from root to tips without any snags at the ends etc. You generally become a guru , at least I did!

Now you know how to begin your natural hair journey all you need to get yourself is the basic natural hair tools , treat your hair with love and care , condition , deep condition and moisturize properly, I talked about all that here , lots of patience and time , that’s when you know you have your natural hair on lock down! You have all you need I tell you.

I hope you found this post helpful, share your thoughts , I’d like to know. Have any more questions? Am here for you! I leave you with love and light .

Happy natural!

10 thoughts on “How To Begin Your Natural Hair Journey

  1. Such a great post. I transitioned and I can definitely attest to excessive shedding at the time but now completely natural and it gets better.

  2. Nice post dear. I trimmed off d remaining straight part of my hair 2day. Loving it so far duh.

  3. Great post! Thanks Chidalu…this will be very helpful to all Naturalistas especially the beginners

  4. This post made me remember my ‘Transitioning’ days. Detangling my hair was serious work! But now that I’m fully natural for 3 years plus, detangling & manipulating my hair is sooo easy & almost effortless. Keep it up gal!

    1. Ah the good ole transitioning days! I experimented so much with my hair.Now am just like a weak old lady. But it gets better.

  5. This is a very beautiful post and you’re absolutely gorgeous in your pictures.. I’ve been wanting to transit to my natural hair for a long time now, but I’m scared… Lol.. I have a long relaxed hair and I don’t know which products to buy and use… I stopped relaxing since November last year.. So this is me wishing I could take your hair abd give you mine to help me do the transition. Then give me back… Lol

    1. Lol, girl you are hilarious! and thanks for the love. Seriously, if going natural is absolutely what you want then do it. It’s just hair after all. It will always grow back plus am here for you any time.

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