HairTalk: Basic Natural Hair Tools to Have 101

Hi and Welcome, I know it’s been a while over here and I sincerely apologize! Today’s post is all about my basic natural hair tools , what and how I use it for optimum natural hair maintenance. A lot of people complain about hair loss, breakage, shedding, lack of hair growth etc. Usually some of these same people have healthy hair practices and routine, moisturize properly and regularly , use the best hair care products , protective style, deep condition constantly , sleep with a satin bonnet on etc, yet they can’t retain length.Are you one of them? Why is this happening? I get this question a lot , now am not claiming to be an expert, I just want to share what I know. The tools you use can make or break your progress.

African hair is usually tightly curled,kinky, coily ,dense, prone to dryness , breakage, and shrinks up easily.

Tightly coiled/ kinky hair

Natural hair toolsThat is why you can’t use the same comb and brushes you were using when you were relaxed or when your hair is straight for your natural hair.My number one fails proof tool to use is my hands! yes it’s that simple .

natural haircare tools

Its very effective, all i have to do is put my hair into four sections,and rake my fingers through it, feeling for tangles and knots, separating them before then reaching for my comb if need’s faster , painless , efficient , and need i say very very handy! My hair is very dense and big ,this reduces the tension and friction that would have occurred between my hair and the comb ultimately resulting in less breakage and shedding thereby promoting longer  and healthier hair!it’s a win really. which brings me to my second best tool, the big toothed comb!

Big Toothed Comb

I use the big toothed comb to detangle  my hair properly after finger detangling. Since it’s not tightly packed ,it glides through the hair easily as opposed to the smaller ones. I highly recommend the plastic kind like the one above. They last longer and are more gentle to the hair than any other type I’ve come across.Honestly, if I patiently finger detangle , the big comb doesn’t need to come into play.

The good old Afro comb is what I use to fluff and tease out my hair to make it bigger.

Afro Comb

Again, I prefer the plastic kind to the wooden kind for my hair. When i was younger and would go to get my hair braided at Mama Chidubem’s ,as soon as I spy the wooden kind i would wince with pain even before the comb touches my scalp. But then I would really try not to cry to show that am a big girl after all! Now that I know better I choose to admire it from afar . A lot of people use different kinds of brush which they say is amazing by the way. Personally, am not a fan. I always find myself reaching for these here. Using the wrong comb I.e the fine toothed comb can lead to serious  breakage , with every pull and tug, your hair is under more pressure seeing as it is tightly curled. Avoid combing your hair a lot , if you detangle properly the first time, you can go up to a week or more without combing again . I do! Low manipulation is the key to length retention, work and comb gently, take your time, don’t be in a hurry, work from tip to root or vice versa depending on your preference. Basically simple and of course moisturize,condition and deep condition regularly, use the right products which i talked about in the previous post here and your hair will bloom and thrive.  Have any more questions? What are you waiting for? Feel free to drop your questions and comments or even suggestions below, and i will be sure to discuss them . Remember its all love in here! Happy Reading!


23 thoughts on “HairTalk: Basic Natural Hair Tools to Have 101

    1. Oh dear! If going natural is absolutely what you want, then i think you should let go. Believe me cutting your hair is the easy part, it will always grow back.You can transition by trimming it a little at a time till you are comfortable with the length.Good luck!

    1. Thank you. Yes you can!It’s actually called transitioning. Trimming your hair a little at a time till you are comfortable enough with the length,then you can let go of the relaxed part.

      1. For a start, iI want something like yours. I’m already on low-cut. How do i go about it?

        1. Wash,condition and deep condition your hair, clean hair thrive best.Moisturize often, sleep with a satin scarf or bonnet on to protect your hair at night, lots of patience and oh!make water your best friend . Goodluck .

  1. Lemme rush and goan buy all these combs especially the afro one.☺ Thanks girl. I’m still transitioning tho.

    1. Hey dear! That is not supposed to happen at all. I think it has everything to do with the product(s)/moisturizer you are using. You might be allergic to certain ingredients contained in it/them . My advice; Discontinue use.

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