About Me

Hi, my name is Chidalu. Welcome to untameAFRICA!

Here’s my life and interests in pictures and in words. A life of beauty and art, storytelling, traveling, and adventure. A journey towards self-discovery and an exploration of how one comes more easily and directly into the enjoyment and appreciation of beauty and art that deals essentially with one’s own environment, fears, joys, and way of life.

At the same time, identifying with my African form and heritage with interests in debunking misconceptions and demolishing pre-conceived ideas and stereotypes about who we are as a people, capturing and sharing the beauty, soul, and essence of our culture from an African living in Africa’s perspective. Connecting and calling on all Africans all over to embrace their culture, shed their inhibitions, break borders, and boundaries, living truly; Untamed, Honest, and Free!

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