A Good Vintage Baby!

All my life I’ve always been drawn to vintage and retro items.  I would take my mom’s old jewelries , accessories, belts , purses etc and wear them. I would remodel her old clothes to my taste and satisfaction. This desire and taste has grown with me to my adulthood . Am very much a sequins and glitter girl, structured shoulder pads, puffed sleeves, high and cinched waist, big and bold earrings, shoes and everything in between more than ever.

It then becomes an obvious choice when am shopping to look in the vintage direction and  am rarely ever disappointed. Sometimes, I pair such items with contemporary pieces that I like for a more urban feel.

I immediately fell in love with this vintage high waist Levi Strauss loose fit denim jeans Shorts. It fits like a glove , at first I was taken aback by the waist size. The last time I was size 26 at the waist was during my university days. Luckily, It fit perfectly and I couldn’t be happier.

I paired it with this blue and white dotted button down shirt, my favorite vintage earrings and black flat shoes. Am a good vintage baby after all!

Are you a vintage lover such as myself? If not, what’s your personal style like? I ‘d love to hear from you! I leave for now with love and light.

Ka emesia!


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