7 days of Jeans : Be Daring x Look 5

Be daring, be different, be impractical,

be anything that will assert integrity of purpose

and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers,

the creatures of the commonplace,

and the slaves of the ordinary. – Cecil Beaton

Jeans is one fine timeless fashion item that everybody seems to have. I know I do have a lot of it. Truth is, It can get boring! It can make us unadventurous and monotonous. It is so easy to reach for that blue pair of Jeans Trousers and white shirt over a textured Jeans shirt dress or Jacket or even a Jean of different color. We fear that these latter items might not get much use from us.

The key is to let go of that fear and keep an eye out for timeless pieces that can go the long haul with you.( How do you think vintage pieces come about anyway!) Instead of reaching for that pair of Jean trousers go for instance a shirt dress like this one which you can style in different ways.

I decided to wear it as it is , I could wear it as a button down Jacket over an all white ensemble of Jean trousers and t-shirt or mix up the colors for a more vibrant look. I could wear it tucked under a mid length Ankara flare skirt and instead of one outfit , I end up with three!

I elevated my style by going for lace up shoes for a more edgier and daring vibe. Of course I couldn’t forget my Sunnies that always helps me stay shaded throughout the heat, a nice little cute bag to house my essentials, a side twisted up-do to tie up the look nicely and a vampy lip color to get it all going. It was definitely a good day.

DRESS : JAG Jeans. EYE-WEAR : Thom Browne . BAG : Betty Boop . SHOES : Gap.

Need Inspiration? Here’s





I hope you enjoyed this post? Let me know what you think as always. Stay tuned for another great post coming your way here TOMORROW ! I leave you with love and light.

See ya!


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