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7 days of Jeans : Sporty Vibe x Look 6

I think it’s safe to say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with going for a classic Jean combo of white Tee and blue Jean trousers. There are times when you’d find yourself in a fashion rut and that’s when this combo comes in handy . Like I said in Look 1 , Comfort is everything to me. Although I step out of that Zone a lot , It still the most crucial element I consider when choosing my outfit. Honestly, I rarely plan my outfits ahead of time.

That is because I am a highly emotional being whose lifestyle is all about self expression. I wear things according to my mood and schedule. Everyday is different. It could be a no makeup slouchy jeans type of day today and a full face beat, high heels , red body-con or sequin/glitter dress the next day. The most important thing is absolutely loving what you are wearing and comfortable in it.

Missed other looks in the 7 days of jeans series ? here they are :, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 .

For look 6 , I was feeling really laid-back , I let my hair stay as it is, even though it was definitely double the size earlier in the day (shrinkage is real yall!!!) , I added a touch of red to my lips to brighten up my face and in case you were wondering … Yes, I didn’t do my brows.

That’s it guys for today! Stay tuned for my upcoming post tomorrow on My Natural & Organic Budget Friendly Skincare Routine! Soooo hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss it and don’t forget to leave your comments below . I leave you with love and light.

See ya .

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