7 days of Jeans: Self-Preservation and a Couple of Thrift Gems x Look 4

I Am Building a House

Where the floor is made up of Strength.

Where the Walls are Crafted of Ambition,

Where the Roof is a Masterpiece of Forgiveness,

I Am Building Myself  –   Noor Unnahar .

These words have been on replay in my head all week . Then i find myself reciting them over and over . Each time I feel more energized than I was before. I have been physically , mentally and emotionally exhausted this past week . I had a little Fever which left me overall depleted even after it had gone . My usually supercharged self was nowhere to be found and of course I had adult problems to deal with. I had to take a step back and look at how far I had come to really be encouraged. To remind myself why I do what I do.

So I took long walks in the evening not minding my sprained ankle, slowly making my way to nowhere in particular. Listening to the chirping of the Birds , the silent sway of the trees, taking in the mysterious musky scent of the Rain and wet Earth , other times just in time to experience the ambience of the golden hour at sunset…mumbling and reciting the words above as I feel the burdens lift.

As we move closer and closer to the peak of the Rainy Season, wearing white might not be the best choice( but then neither is it ideal during Harmattan) , You just have to be extra cautious and careful so you wont get Mud-splashed by a speeding vehicle! Ah Nigerian roads! But Yes I Survived.

There are many shades of Jeans to choose from check out Look 1 , Look 2 and Look 3 to see what I mean .

Shirt : Thrift-ed

White Jeans: Thrift-ed

Sandals : Zara

Eye-wear :Prada .

Stay tuned for more of this ongoing 7 days of Jeans series . Let me know what you think as always.


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