7 days of Jeans : No Need To Stress X Look 7

There are times when you just feeling like not doing too much of anything . When you just want to chill , no stress , no hassles , just a purely relaxing and trouble-free day. You just slip on a really simple and comfortable dress and flat walking shoes  and just head out the door.

I usually go for a laid back  look when am on the Job taking photographs . However, I make sure I include a statement piece in my outfit to keep it from being boring.

I absolutely love this retro oversized denim Jacket. I love how it envelopes me in a warm embrace. Apparently , am not the only one that loves it. My friends keep threatening to steal it if they ever lay their hands on it.  I paired it with this cute fuchsia slip dress and white Shoes and that really tied this look up nicely.

Thanks for keeping up with the 7 days of Jeans Series .By now you’ve realized that am an ardent lover of one of fashion’s most timeless pieces. If you haven’t seen the previous looks in the series do check them out below :

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Ka emesia!



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