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7 Days of Jeans : What Does Beauty Mean to You? x Look 3

Hello and welcome! It’s another beautiful day,Oh yeah it is! Look around you. What is beauty? I mean real beauty?

        “Real beauty is that self-awareness that makes you like yourself, that makes you face life with poise,confidence ,and warmth. It’s what makes others like and admire you, enjoy your company,and think of you as an asset in any situation. It’s the aura of energy  and serenity that will make you stand out in any crowd…each of us is capable of exuding that radiant glow of the confident and attractive person…the trick is to feel good about yourself.” – Vidal and Beverly Sassoon.

Beauty is not conventional, there are no rules. There’s no such thing as a particular way to be. It isn’t what people say it is or should be. Beauty simply is. It’s around us. It is us . Nature is beauty . Beauty is art . Art is life .  We as part of nature are an embodiment of beauty, a work of art , and as art , beauty is embedded in the very rock-bed of our life-force.

We are exactly as we are meant to be . Know it, See it, Believe it and Accept it . When you do , nothing can stop you. Nothing anyone says can affect it . You are your biggest supporter after all.

Here’s Look 3 of my 7 days of Jeans series.  I absolutely love denim jeans . I love the very timelessness of it . The fact that it just fits perfectly into almost every lifestyle and equally unique as you can  see in  look 1 and look 2  Check it out if you haven’t.

This denim shirt dress is everything. Airy, comfortable , stylish ,simple, chic and girly plus its made from 100% cotton . What more could a girl ask for?

Denim Shirt-dress – Bay Authentic Denim(B.A.D Jeans)

Shoes – American Eagle.

Eye-wearGucci .

Earrings –  Onitsha Market .

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as i did creating it . Do stay connected and updated with Untameafrica. Your support is always appreciated. I will be leaving you for now with love and these words to remember;

”There are no plain people in the world . No child is born unattractive or ordinary. Each of us  is a miracle”.   – Vidal and Beverly Sassoon .

See you soon !

7 thoughts on “7 Days of Jeans : What Does Beauty Mean to You? x Look 3

  1. Perfect Perfect Perfect !!! Everything about this look and post screams perfection. Thanks for your beautiful words Chidalu. I needed to hear it.

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