7 Days of Jeans : Look 2

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve been good? Welcome to day two of my 7 days of Jeans series. If you missed day one be sure to check it out here . My personal style has a lot to do with comfort and a healthy dose of vintage style influence. I love vintage items a lot. Vintage jewelries, accessories , shoes, clothing, shoulder pads, high-waist pants ,belts etc . You name it! I usually mix them up with modern and contemporary pieces. I absolutely love this over sized denim Jacket . It belonged to my Father . He gave it to me when i asked him for one of his denim jackets to my surprise. He’s had it long before i was born and he loved it .I guess that’s why i didn’t bother to ask him for it , i was almost sure he would say no if i did. Moral of the story; Never assume a situation , rather put yourself in front of it. You just might be surprised by the outcome.

I paired it with a simple form fitting little black dress and an equally simple but statement block heel sandals, complete with aqua blue Sunnies . I got so many compliments. It was a good day after all.

Vintage Denim Jacket : Hammer Jeans.

LBD: My local Market .

Eye wear : Gucci .

Sandals : Truffle collection .

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